Have you ever had something happen to you that you simply can't explain?  Or are you curious and would love to explore the spiritual world further? If you are interested in developing your connection then we have the course for you.  Sarah, your psychic medium, spiritual coach and reiki healer has a teaching background of 26 years.

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Are you feeling tired?  Stressed?  Have you had enough of Covid19?  Have you been on a holiday?  Even if the answer is Yes to all these, you could do with my holiday meditation which normally retails for £15.99 but I'm giving it to you free.  All you need to do is place your details in this signup box and you will receive an email with the relevant link to access the meditation.  You will love it, I promise.  Sit in a comfortable positions, in a quiet environment and enjoy.

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Just a little about my experience

Sarah has always been connected to spirit from a very young age, too scared to say anything because back then you were 'labelled' and told it was just an over active imagination.  She would just know things but have no explanation of how she knew?  She would sense spirit near her, and have visions that would come true.  Her grandmother read Sarah's tea leaves once, maybe she had the gift too, but it was never a conversation that was had.  The number of times spirits stepped forward when she really needed someone's support was never ending.  

After years of ignoring her spiritual gifts, at the age of 29, a woman in rags came up to her while she was sunbathing on holiday in Cyprus.  She held her hand and began telling her what she could see. How she had the gift and should be utilising it.  That day changed Sarah's life forever.   The lady gave a vision and told Sarah that when that vision happened, it would be a clear sign that a spiritual world existed.  

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Within months that vision happened, and the accuracy was unreal.  How could she have known? This was indeed the confirmation she had been waiting for.  From that day onwards Sarah knew she had to stop ignoring the signals and embrace her gifts so she joined a spiritual circle to develop herself.

Sarah is from an education background, teaching Business, IT and Accounting for over 20 years.  When she got to her 40s it was whack, whack, whack with experiences and psychic visions and then got hit with a health condition that forced her to reassess her entire life.  Sometimes when you don't listen to your destiny, spirit has a funny way to stop you in your tracks.

Sarah now runs tarot readings, courses and workshops in many areas of spirituality.  She offers Reiki healing, crystal therapy and chakra balancing as a treatment to clients, so whether you need your chakras aligned or simply need a relaxing treatment, Sarah is the lady for you. 

For many years Sarah has embedded the ashes of loved ones inside beautiful pieces of art or jewellery.  If you would like to see the products available, please click this button

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