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Beginners Mediumship

Ever thought that you had some sort of gift?  Or simply intruged how it all works?  Then this course is for you.  Its beginners level so everyone will be feeling the same.  Throughout this course we touch on the basics of mediumship and exploring different tools that can be used.  Its a fun, 6 week course and you will gain a certificate of achievement on completion.  Please register your interest and I will contact you when the next course is due to begin.

Payment is made when your place has been confirmed.

Once Beginners level has been achieved then there is the option for progression to Intermediate and Advanced


€150.00 or
€60 deposit then €15 each week


Learn Tarot


Everyone is intrigued with Tarot cards but what if you could read them yourself?  This course is aimed at complete beginners.  We will explore the cards working intuitively covering a range of spreads.  By the end of the course you will be reading the cards for others giving you the boost of confidence we all need.

Payment is made when your place has been confirmed.

€150.00 or
€60 deposit then €15.00 each week



Learn how to create your own meditations, the structure , channelling the content and the closure.  This course is run over zoom, for 8 weeks, 2 hour session.  Each will you will be given a homework task to complete.   Great for anyone who enjoys meditation or would like to create their own group.

Payment is made once your place has been confirmed.




This course is delivered by Zoom over a 2 hour session.  A very interesting and enlightening workshop.  This workshop will take you through the language spoken through your hands.  It is fascinating.