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Make your own 
Dream Catcher

There is nothing more special than creating your own piece of art.  ​Dream catchers are a tradition for the native Americans.  The dream catcher protects the individual sleeping from negative dreams, only allowing positive dreams to come through.

This 4 hour workshop provides all the materials needed for the class.  A step by step demonstration will take place using a smaller dream catcher for you to grasp the technique, then you are free to explore your creative possibilities.



Resin Jewellery

This is a complete beginners workshop.  You will learn the process of using resin to finish jewellery pieces.  No experience in jewellery making is required.  The session is for 2 hours.



Resin Artwork

Learn the techniques to create beautiful pieces of art using resin.  This workshop is aimed at complete beginners.  The session is over 4 hrs and 2 pieces of art will be worked on.  



This is a beginners workshop.  You will learn how to make your own necklace and earrings using materials and crystals that are provided.  It is your time to create something so unique that no-one in the world in wearing the same.  Something you can be proud of.

Jewellery Making