Silver Sterling 925

Celtic Drop Earrings



Ashes into jewellery is a delicate process and you can be assured your loved one is in good hands whilst we encapsulate the ashes of your loved one into your sterling silver celtic drop earrings.


These are beautiful and a perfect way to rememer your loved one.  When you are not having such a great day your loved one will be there helping you through. Such a lovely way to treasure those memories forever.  If there is a colour that is not listed please do get in contact and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


The colours available are shown as additional pictures above.


Measurements 15 mm

Area for ashes 5mm



Celtic Drop Earrings

  • Avoid contact with nail varnish, nail vanish remover, perfume, aftershave, hairspray and suntan lotion.

    Do not wear in water, examples are showering/bathing, swimming or even washing up.

    Keep away from a naked flame.

    Avoid contact with household cleaning products.

    As with all precious metal and resin jewellery please avoid extreme heat or hot sun. Natural sun light and in normal temperatures are fine.

    Please remove jewellery overnight and place in a box when not being worn.

    To clean the resin area gently wipe with a soft dry clean cloth.

  • There are two options for postage.

    1. You can send through the Cyprus mail yourself and pay the costs on top of the price advertised, or
    2. The designer will collect and return to you for a further £9.99 delivery charge for those living in the Paphos region.

      You will be invoiced separately for the postage.