Are you fed up of all the negativity in your life?  Is there something holding you back?  Do you feel like you are always climbing an uphill battle?

You are not alone.  Millions of people feel the same, especially now with all that is going on in the world.  The very first step is to cleanse your soul and get rid of any negativity that is attached to your body.  Your body has seven spinning vortexes known as 'Chakras' which are positioned vertically from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, and their job is to regulate all your body processes from organ functions to immune systems, and even your emotions.  So if you are feeling rather emotional at the moment, then one of your Chakras is blocked.  That is why it is important to unblock them. 


Most people would go and have this done as a private session but today I am giving away FREE to you my recorded 15 minute meditation which helps to unblock and 'Cleanse your Chakras'.  Something that we should all do regularly.   Sign up now and I will send you my meditation for you to use at your own leisure, over and over again.

My name is Sarah, I am a International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Healer.  I am known as The Spiritual Mystique.  For over 20 years I taught in education, Business, IT & Accountancy.  All my life I experienced episodes with spirits, but just felt wierd and kept it to myself.  Finally I am following the my spiritual journey and enjoying every minute.

If you are still reading then you are guided here for a reason.  I have so many offers on at the moment, I'm sure one of them would be of interest to you, if not all.

The one item I would not be without, and these are perfect enough to even take travelling with you, are my crystals.  Crystals have such an important role to play as many of them work with parts of your body, similar to your chakras.  For instance if you have just experienced heartache then a Rose Quartz crystal is the piece you need.  Some hold it against their heart but as long as it is near to you will will help with any condition that affects the heart.  There is virtually a crystal for any condition and it is something that I am so passionate about as they help me out greatly.

Crystals should be recharged regularly, many people place them in direct view of a full moon.  Some place them inside earth in the ground.  Others use a charging plate, which is another crystal that supercharges others.  Clear Quartz crystal is known as a 'Master' healer and is used for some much because it is known for its high vibrations.  Mine is always at my bedside cabinet, but the beauty of it is there is a crystal for all chakras in your body.  If I have a sore throat or perhaps I have a meeting that I need to be vocal at, not nervous then my 'Lapis Lazuli' is my go to crystal.  Either hold it against your throat or pop it in your pocket.  As long as it is close by, then you will benefit from it's healing properties. 

Now some of you will be drawn to this straight away and if you are then you are in for a treat, as it is simply beautiful.  This combined offer is just for you guys.  

OFFER 1 - Clear Quartz Charging Plate with Chakra Crystals

You will receive a detailed handout explaining the healing properties for each of these crystals.

All these for £29.99 plus postage & packaging.


6 month Tarot Card Reading PLUS your life purpose card PLUS a message from heaven

A beautiful reading for you to keep and look back on.  What is going to happen in the next 6 months?  I can only read what the card says and what my guides gives me to supplement the reading.  It will be honest, concise and summarised.  The life purpose card is brilliant for anyone who is struggling with choosing careers.  Its is so interesting to see.  If you provide me with your date of birth too I will substitute that with a more detailed reading.  Then as a complimentary message, I will connect with spirit and ask them to guide me for the final message.  Who wouldn't want a message from their loved ones.



Beginners Mediumship Course

Join out 4 week beginners group - all with likeminded people who all want to explore their spiritual gifts but haven't the first clue where to begin.  2hr sessions for 4 weeks.

What you will learn:

Now the angels have got involved here as this is an angel number.  The total cost of this course is £111.  What you waiting for?  Courses are limited to 4 people to ensure you get that personal touch.


A One to One Spiritual 'Beginners' Coaching Session

Taking part in a group isn't for everyone but if would love some support, guidance and training from the comfort of your own home on a one to one basis, then this offer is for you.  Nervous?  Well I can tell you I almost walked away the first time I went to a session, the butterflies in my tummy were unreal.  There is no need to be.  You will be placed in a bubble of protection immediately, and the vibes will be just gorgeous.  Trust me.  This course will be set over 2 days. 4 hrs a day.

What you will learn:

£222 each hour session

It is time for us to take control of our lives.  Nobody else will do it for you.  You will find your confidence grows, you will trust spirit and more importantly you will trust yourself.  There is so much ahead of you and we will tap into your potential, because you have it, everyone has it.  It is just a seed planted, that needs nourishing.

I'm dead excited to offering you these, and would love you join me.  If you fancy it, then click the relevant option below and I will be speaking with you soon.

Have a lovely, you beautiful soul.

Sarah x

@The Spiritual Mystique

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